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September 03, 2020

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COVID Protocols

September 03, 2020

Studio C is committed to keeping our students and teachers safe. Here is what we are doing:

1. The option to take classes virtually through zoom.
2. Hand sanitizer in all rooms. All student must sanitize upon entering.
3. No waiting in the lobby area, but masks must be worn in the lobby if you need to come in to ask a question. Masks for the dancers are recommended but not required while dancing.
4. Exterior doors to each dance room to allow for separate entrances and exits and for fresh air flow.
5. Sanitizing often, doors and door handles and restrooms. 
6. Sanitizing the air during and/or after each class.
7. Large dance rooms to allow for social distancing.
8. Limited class sizes making sure social distancing is possible.
9. An outdoor sink for hand washing before and after classes for additional cleaning.
10. No holding hands in circles particularly in our younger classes.
11. The studio is fully cleaned at the end of each dance day.


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